Today’s doublespeak: Blasphemy By Any Other Name


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God Is Disappointed in You” translation is an “irreverent yet faithful” Bible translation that “is a frequently hilarious, often shocking, but always accurate retelling of the Bible”

Faithful? Besides the harsh language, the Garden of Eden clip is clearly unfaithful to the original text and displays open contempt and derision for the Creator of the universe.  Interestingly enough, had the authors done a translation like this of the Qu’ran, there would be multiple fatwas issued for their death.  In the Christian world, barely a blip on the news

Surprising News on Animal Fat & Multiple Sclerosis


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Long term (34 year!) study finds complete elimination of animal fats in diet stops Multiple Sclerosis in 95% of cases if started early enough. Furthermore, even for those w/Multiple Sclerosis symptoms, complete elimination of animal fats can stop the progress of the disease. On the other hand, just adding a tiny bit of animal fats in the diet resumes the progress of MS symptoms and triples the death rate.


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