Today’s Thoughts: Peter Rejoiced in Suffering?

Quotes from Power of Suffering

Persecution, affliction, and suffering are part of life to be anticipated and do not interfere with God’s plan.

The second positive element Peter wanted us to have in our attitude toward sufferings is to rejoice in them.

Peter is not saying (nor are other passages) that believers should have an elitist or masochistic attitude regarding suffering.

Our rejoicing is not to be connected with the pain or difficulty itself, but with the ramifications of it.

Today’s Thought: Christ and Our Suffering


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Sorry, got a little behind due to travel


Quotes from the Power of Suffering

He [Christ] gives grace that is unique to the requirements of our suffering.

This resting of the Spirit on the suffering Christian is a special grace of ministry beyond the regular.

His [Christ] presence is objective—we can be sure He is there when we suffer or are persecuted.

If Christians are faithful to accept suffering and persecution as Christ did, then when He returns, they will really rejoice with an outburst that surpasses all other joys



Hamas and CAIR’s Dirty Little Secret


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Mark Levin with a tremendous rant on the origins of Hamas and its ties to Nazi Germany via the Mufti of Jerusalem along with its ties to the Muslim brotherhood in Egypt and ultimately to CAIR in the states.

This article mentioned in the expose above fills in the missing details on the roots of Hamas and the Wahabbists from the 20-40′s.

Today’s doublespeak: The White Black Man Worthy of Contempt


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Harry Reid “we’re ensure that women’s lives are not determined by virtue of five white men. This Hobby Lobby decision is outrageous

Can you imagine the uproar if the right treated a black SC justice w/the disrespect, pejoratives and derision that the left does w/Thomas?


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